Pithecophaga jefferyi high Philippine eagle (Also: Philippine eagle)

Pithecophaga jefferyi high Philippine eagle (Also: Philippine eagle)

Geographic Variety

Pithecophaga jefferyi try systemic towards the Philippines in fact it is entirely on parts of the higher countries off Luzon, Sa; Delacour necessary hyperlink and you may )

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Philippine eagles are now living in remnant patches regarding priily regarding resinous trees that are observed regarding Old world tropics. Pithecophaga jefferyi and occurs in second growth and you can gallery tree. (“Philippine Eagle – Pithecophaga jefferyi – ARKive”, 2004; “Philippine Eagle Base”, 2004; Bueser, mais aussi al., 2003; Ibanez, et al., 2003)

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Bodily Dysfunction

Pithecophaga jefferyi is the planet’s premier eagle types. People are equivalent in appearance. He’s a light stomach and you will underwing, while the upperparts are an abundant brown, having soft edged feathers. The fresh new a lot of time feathers of your head and you will nape setting a unique crest and they are dark-brownish and cream toward margins. Girls features white down, and you will juveniles is actually similar to look at so you’re able to adults but i have light margins with the feathers on the back and you may upperwing. The newest heavy feet is actually yellow having highest, strong claws, while the higher, high arched, deep expenses is a blue-grey. Philippine eagles might be celebrated out-of light-breasted ocean eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster)in-flight by its enough time tails and you may circular wings. (“Philippine Eagle – Pithecophaga jefferyi – ARKive”, 2004; “Philippine Eagle Basis”, 2004; “Kinds Details – Philippine Eagle. Red-colored Guide Data – Threatened Birds of China”, 2003; Delacour and you will Mayr, 1946)


Pithecophaga jefferyi lover forever. In the event that lover dies, this is not unusual on eagle discover an alternate mate. Four behavior are in the aerial displays away from courtship choices: mutual increasing, dive pursue, talon demonstration, and territorial flights. Shared soaring is actually a curved gliding pattern because of the both wild birds in which the male always soars higher than the female. Plunge chases is actually good diagonal get rid of in height towards wings 1 / 2 of folded on the muscles, with the male behind at the rear of the feminine. Talon presentation is actually characterized by an instant expansion of your own talons toward the rear of the female. The female could possibly get expose the lady talons by turning more than and you will stretching their talons. So it shared talon speech is additionally found in almost every other raptor species. Territorial trip behaviors is actually gliding routes on the male quite above the leading women. (“Philippine Eagle Basis”, 2004; “Kinds Details – Philippine Eagle. Red-colored Guide Study – Threatened Birds off Asia”, 2003; Bueser, mais aussi al., 2003; Ibanez, ainsi que al., 2003; “Philippine Eagle Basis”, 2004; “Species Info – Philippine Eagle. Yellow Guide Investigation – Endangered Wild birds away from Asia”, 2003; Bueser, mais aussi al., 2003; Ibanez, mais aussi al., 2003)

The fresh natural reproduction cycle requires couple of years. Successful people have only you to definitely kids all two years. The new reproduction 12 months is actually away from October to December so as that the fresh new hottie to hatch for the lifeless 12 months (March so you can Can get). New chick hatches immediately after two months and you can becomes a fledging within seven to 8 days. Independence are attained at the 5 months. People started to intimate maturity from the less than six ages and you can guys started to maturity at cuatro so you’re able to seven decades.

The colony is sometimes receive between twenty seven so you’re able to fifty yards of the floor. Sets make an enormous nest, anywhere from step 1.dos x step one.dos meters to just one.2 x 2.eight yards, regarding the canopy out of dipterocarp forests otherwise into the a giant epiphytic fern. The fresh new nests were created away from decaying twigs and you can sticks piled at the top of each other. The same nest is employed on a yearly basis. (“Philippine Eagle – Pithecophaga jefferyi – ARKive”, 2004; “Philippine Eagle Base”, 2004; “Variety Details – Philippine Eagle. Reddish Book Research – Threatened Wild birds of Asia”, 2003; Ibanez, ainsi que al., 2003)

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